The 193-197 civil war in the roman empire 3
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The 193-197 civil war in the roman empire 3 - 2009-09-30 12:39:00

Septimius Severus is now the Emperor, according to the Senate decision. He is accepted by a large part of the Roman Empire. He controls nearly all the roman legions. But Pescennius Niger is still dangerous in the eastern part of the Empire and seems to be decided to take the throne, capturing Byzantium. This roman knight's son still commands numerous troops. Because of his Italian origin, some of the senators and an important part of the people of Roma would like him to be emperor. They don't accept the "African" origin of Septimius Severus. If Severus troops lost a battle, everything could be changed... This is the reason why Severus launched a large ground and maritime offensive against Niger.